Wellsville is a village in Allegany County in the Southern Tier. The population of Wellsville was 5,171 in 2000. Wellsville has the largest population and business center in a 30-mile radius.

National and regional weather reports are often misleading for the village of Wellsville as the airport is 700 feet higher at 2,250 feet than the village at 1,450 feet which is in the Genesee River Valley.

Wellsville is on the mainline of the Western New York and Pennsylvania Railroad. The Genesee River flows through this village and New York State Route 19, running north and south, intersects New York State Route 417. Route 417 from the east comes upstream following the tributaries of the Susquehanna River, the Chemung River and the Canisteo River. And then after passing through Wellsville, quickly begins a downhill descent to the west on the Allegheny River, through its tributary in Bolivar, Dodge Creek.

Wellsville is in a unique geographical location, at the top of the Eastern Triple Divide, the cusp of the three major watersheds in the Eastern United States.

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