The Finger Lakes are suitable to a wide array of watersports mainly in but not limited to the summer months. Despite their length, the lakes are generally narrow which makes them generally calm enough for water skiing. While prevailing winds are not as strong as many seaside locations, sailing is highly popular and there are several yacht clubs dedicated to this. In the winter ice sailing, which can easily reach speeds of over 50 miles per hour, is often possible on the lakes that readily freeze over and even the north end of Seneca Lake. Fishing is popular on nearly every habitable body of water, and ice fishing is common in the lakes and in Sodus Bay. Jet skis can often be heard plying the waters and slamming waves during temperate months, and boating can be an excellent mode of transportation to a waterside bar or restaurant. Keuka Lake has a daytime speed limit of 45 mph, 25 after sunset, and 5 mph (no wake zone) near shore. Many navigable canals may have specific speed limits or no wake zones.

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