"The Muck" is a common name for a huge muckland farm located in Potter, owned mostly by Torrey Farms who are also in Elba. The Potter muckland is made up of over 1,200 acres (Torrey's owns 1,200, the whole thing might be closer to 2,000) of drained swamp. It was cleared in the 70's and before it was it was a marshy woods. In the fields, trees and branches preserved in the heavy mud still surface every year. Flint Creek flows through the muck and sometimes overflows, and due to the very flat nature of the muck, when it does the whole thing is covered completely by a few inches to a couple feet of water. Route 364 passes the south end of the Muck and Ferguson Corners Road cuts through the muck towards the north end just south of Gorham.

It is said that the muckland in Potter was close to being the 12th Finger Lake, as the water line is located just a few feet below the surface. It would be very interesting if that did happen and would change a lot of things in the area. It would be a small, calm, and very warm lake due to how shallow the water would be. Property value would probably be extremely high as it is around Keuka Lake.

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