Route 247 is an eleven mile long state highway that runs north and south from Route 5 and 20 just east of Canandaigua to Route 364 south of Rushville in Potter.

Route 247 starts by Monroe Tractor, about two miles East of Canandaigua. It then runs straight south until it hits Route 245 just northeast of Rushville. Route 247 runs together with Route 245 for about a mile into Rushville, where 245 splits off and goes west out of Rushville as Gilbert Street and 247 continues straight south until it hits Route 364 just outside of Potter.

NY Route 245 and NY Route 247 in Rushville

Route 245 and Route 247 running together in Rushville

Route 247 meeting route 364 in Potter

Route 247 ending when it meets Route 364 just outside of Potter

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