Ontario Pathways Rail trail bridge

New bridge over 5 and 20

Ontario Pathways is a rail trail in Ontario County. The trail has two main branches, one running east and west connects Canandaigua to Stanley, and the other runs north from Stanley to Phelps. The train bridge over 5 and 20 on the Phelps branch was hit by farm equipment and taken out. It was replaced by an arched pedestrian bridge.

Between Old Mill Road and Charlton Road, near Stanley, there is a 300 foot train bridge 40 feet above Flint Creek that was redecked in 2000 by 34 Ontario Pathways volunteers. It was originally built in 1850 by the Northern Central Railroad. *

The trail could be extended further to the south toward and even beyond Hall, but faces problems such as a removed bridge over Route 245 in Stanley, and the fact that parts of the railway were deeded over into private ownership.

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