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HorseFace Promotional Photo

HorseFace is an alternative metal band from the Finger Lakes region, New York. Founded in late 2006, the band consists of vocalist and bass guitar player Jesse Halstead, guitar player John Halstead, drummer Jack Halstead, and additional guitarist Sean Augustus. HorseFace has been an active act in the the Finger Lakes, having played over one hundred gigs in venues all across New York State, including popular Rochester venues such as the Penny Arcade, The Water Street Music Hall, The Montage Music Hall, and The California Brewhaus. Sporting a full length album entitled 'The Horsafix', with a sophomore album in the works, the group also covers a number of popular artists, including Nirvana, Black Sabbath, Marcy Playground, Melvins, Weezer, Green Day and The Deftones. Influenced by artists like Nirvana and Alice in Chains, HorseFace has a sound reminiscent of 90's era alternative rock, but adds many elements clearly influenced by modern metal, creating a sound that is hard to classify into any one genre.

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