Binghamton State Office Building-Government Plaza

The State Office Building

The Government Plaza, also called the Binghamton State Office Building is an 18 storey governmental office building in Binghamton. It is the tallest building in Binghamton.

1981 fireEdit

On February 5th, 1981 a transformer fire in the 18 story State Office Building (AKA "The Toxic Tower" AKA "The SOB") put Binghamton, NY in headlines world-wide. As a result of the fire, the entire building was contaminated with PCB'S, PCDF'S, TCDF, PCDD'S, TCDD, and polychlorinated biphenyls.

It remains a topic of study; of the accident itself, the 13 year, $47 million clean-up and the decision making process.

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