Elba is a small village located in Genesee County. It is located north of the city of Batavia at the intersection of NY State Route 98 and NY State Route 262. The population of Elba was 696 in 2000.

Elba claims to be the "Onion Capital of the World." Torrey Farms, one of the largest farms in New York, is located in Elba with about 8,000 acres. They also own about 1,200 acres of muckland known as "The Muck" in Potter where they grow a large number of onions.

Elba is also host to its annual "Onion Festival" on the first weekend of August. The Onion Festival draws the vast majority of Elba citizens and some people from neighboring towns in Genesee County. Among the events are the Fireman's Parade, Kiddy Parade, raffling of a car, and the crowning of an "Onion Queen". All profits from the festival go towards the funding of the Elba Fire Department.

  • Interesting fact: Elba was a stop on the Underground Railroad. There literally was an underground section, as there was a tunnel underneath Main Street between the inn and the home of its owner, Elias Pettibone, which is now collapsed.

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