Aerial view of Conesus Lake, New York

Aerial view of Conesus Lake

Conesus Lake is one of the minor Finger Lakes, and it the westernmost of the eleven finger lakes, located on the East side of Geneseo. The lake is eight miles long with a maximum depth of 66 feet, and it flows from South to North. Conesus Lake Boat Launch is a state park and boat launch on the East shore of Conesus Lake near Livonia. Conesus Lake freezes over in the Winter and is popular for snowmobiling and ice fishing. Every July 3, the residents of the lake participate in a tradition called the Ring of Fire, sponsored by the Conesus Lake Association. They light road flares all around the lake and shoot off fireworks. The festivities typically start at dusk, with approximately 10,000 flares lit by 10:00 PM.

Conesus Lake from Geneseo, New York Panorama

Conesus Lake from Geneseo