The New York State Agricultural Experiment Station is a part of the New York State College of Agriculture and Life Sciences at Cornell University, located in Geneva. It is a mission-oriented experiment station with a strong emphasis on applied research. It also maintains a balance of basic research to serve as building blocks for future research applicable to New York agriculture.

Current operationsEdit

Until rather recently, most of the money for agricultural research at the Station was provided by state and federal governments. The Station's 2007–2008 total budget is approximately $25.1 million; $11.8 million is funded through the State University of New York base budget, $6.4 million of Cornell general purpose funds, $5.5 million in grants and contracts, and $1.1 Federal appropriations.[4] As the station's research program have matured and expanded, the financial support base has been increasingly augmented by funds from foundations, industry, grower and food processor organizations, and by individuals. As of 2007, 253 staff and 50 professors (18 with at least 20% extension appointments) are employed at the Station. At any one time, 25-90 graduate students are conducting research for their theses under the guidance of professors at Geneva. At any one time, there are around 15 visiting scientists, 10 postdocs, 20 research associates and 6 extension associates at the Station.

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